elpas series by centrak

Sentiolux is proud to be the Elpas Series distributor in Australia.

The Elpas Series provides outstanding RTLS products for our healthcare and aged care industries.


With over twenty years of RTLS (Real-Time Location System) experience and thousands of badges, tags, readers, controllers across the world, Elpas Solutions knows exactly what you need to protect and secure your interests.

Their solutions are the most cost-effective way to protect staff members, patients, visitors and assets in acute care hospitals, senior care homes, manufacturing facilities, heavy material storage depots and high-security zones.

The purpose of the Eplas Series is to deliver a cost-effective safety and security solutions that is simple to use and effective in its operation. These solutions are backed by Elpas professional services personnel, and by a range of training and post-installation consulting offerings developed specifically to help our customers get the most from their security investments.

Trusted by leading administrators in an increasing number of sectors including: healthcare, defence, manufacturing, logistics and retail, Elpas RTLS is used to enable personnel safety, asset visibility and staff productivity.

Real Time Location Services

Healthcare executives constantly grapple with issues concerning the safety of their facility, the satisfaction of their staff, the quality of care provided to their patients and the costly workflow inefficiencies that impact their bottom line. 

For this reason, innovation of technology for healthcare has potential to improve patient safety and support streamlined business operations by methods such as integrating Real-Time Location Systems into hospitals.

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Wireless Active RFID

Active RFID systems have an internal power source that allow it to broadcast its own signal to be used a beacon when necessary.

Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Real time location is used to identify the current whereabouts of assets, people and inventory making it possible to monitor bed, bay, and shelf-level tracking.

Passive RFID Access Solutions

Passive RFID systems use tags without power and are used for access control, file tracking, race timing, supply chain management, smart labels, and more.


Patient Flow

Asset Tracking and Security

Panic Alarm and Nurse Call:
- Wireless & Wired

Man Down Alerting

Patient Wandering

Infant Abduction

Nurse Arrival Detection

Access Control

Inmate Tracking

Senior Resident Supervision

School Emergencies


Sentiolux is proud to be the Elpas Series distributor in Australia.

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