Elpas Series by Centrak

Elpas Series by Centrak

Sentiolux is proud to be the Elpas Series distributor in Australia.

With over twenty years of RTLS experience and thousands of badges, tags, readers, controllers across the world, Elpas Solutions knows exactly what you need to protect and secure your interests.

Our solutions are the most cost-effective way to protect staff members, patients, visitors and assets in acute care hospitals, senior care homes, manufacturing facilities, heavy material storage depots and high-security zones .

Trusted by leading administrators in an increasing number of sectors including: healthcare, defense, manufacturing, logistics and retail, Elpas RTLS is used to enable personnel safety, asset visibility and staff productivity.

Australia Wide Supply

Australia Wide Supply

Sentiolux supplies nationally in Australia and is a proudly Australian owned business.

Products meet Australian Standards and are compliant with Australian Regulations.

For more information on our products and services please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 451 550.

Healthcare CCTV

Healthcare CCTV

Sentiolux provides advanced CCTV solutions for the Australian Healthcare market.

Sentiolux CCTV solutions take care of the most demanding Healthcare scenarios.

With complete integration with the majority of Australian access control and system management systems, Sentiolux products make a logical choice when protecting Healthcare facilities.

Sentiolux can also assist with the design and commissioning of complex CCTV solutions where required.

Sentiolux Australia

Sentiolux Australia provides electronic technology solutions to the security integration market.

Sentiolux technologies are specialist technologies and contact should be made with our office if you need any information or guidance on who is qualified to install Sentiolux equipment.

For more information about Sentiolux technologies please contact us on 1300 451 550.